About Us

Sunderland Public School is located in Sunderland, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission statement

At Sunderland Public School, we are committed to provide each child with the opportunity to grow and progress within an environment of mutual respect, open communication and co-operation. We will encourage self-esteem and academic excellence to each child’s potential, while developing the social skills necessary to function as a productive, positive, and contributing member of society.



Building future success on a solid foundation


Principal’s message

Welcome to Sunderland, Ontario!

On behalf of the staff, it is a great pleasure to be welcoming you to a new school year. If you are new to the school, the staff look forward to you becoming a part of the great academic and co-curricular traditions found at our school. Sunderland Public School is renowned for its unwavering strength of commitment on the part of staff, students and parents to the work of the school and the community of Brock Township. With the strong support of staff, parents and community, students at Sunderland Public School have distinguished themselves through excellence in academic achievement,  artistic expression and on the playing field. The school community is committed to ensuring that Sunderland Public School remains a safe, orderly and enjoyable place to attend each day. Sunderland Public School is the kind of place where specific needs are met and opportunities provided for all students. We look forward to sharing this academic journey with you and your child(ren) this year and in the years to come.

Have a great school year!


Laura Noone